Planetism – Is a World Without Corruption Possible?

We do not endorse any particular politician or political party. We want to see a transformation in how our government works, implementing fresh policies and ideas.  We advocate for changes throughout society.


Is it possible to disassemble corruption and bring back truth, health and freedom?

Can we reclaim our lives, free from the shackles of manipulation and falsehood? Can we awaken to truth, health and liberated hearts? Can we banish corruption with a unified voice and embrace the life that awaits us? Will our collective spirit triumph and restore harmony in this broken world?

The Collective Conscious

When the collective consciousness reaches critical mass, the people will rise to a glorious crescendo; we can cast away the shadows of oppressive regimes and usher in a new era of light and love. This world of understanding and compassion will allow humans to be free without fear or judgment. It will be a world where every person’s beauty and talents are cherished and accepted by all for who they are. But such a magical transformation won’t happen overnight; it must take place through a concerted effort of the global community.

We must demand absolute honesty and morality in all facets of life, no matter the consequences. We must prioritize human beings over purses of gold and choose love, kindness, unity, tranquility and joy over riches and wealth. Consumerism should be destroyed, and people should be encouraged to live a simple lifestyle, respecting the planet and all its inhabitants. We must learn to coexist and work together in harmony, recognizing that we are all interconnected and that our actions ripple effect on the world around us.

The Reappearance of Spirituality

The resurgence of spirituality would shatter the chains of suppression forged by the establishment, revealing the hidden truths of the body’s self-healing capabilities and the mind’s power over its own healing and manifestation capabilities. As people unite, their collective consciousness empowers them with an unstoppable spiritual energy, fueling a movement toward true healing and liberation. Society would connect to all of their senses and use them for guidance, enhancing their intuition and lead a better life.

If We Were to Run the World

We strive to uphold truth, integrity, and honesty as the guiding principles of society. The truth is a calling, an unquestionable faith that binds us together. It is a religion of righteousness that demands purity and invokes passion in pursuing justice for all.

We strive for a world where media and journalists are fearless warriors against lies, deception, and corruption. Reporters take up the mantle of truth-seekers to expose and obliterate any falsehoods that threaten the stability of our society.

Slander and Liable Law Enacted and Enforces

We demand that those who engage in deceptive and fraudulent activities face harsh consequences, and we serve justice against them for spreading malicious falsehoods. We will not tolerate any deviation from this standard of moral conduct.

If we were to run the world, the punishment for lies and deception would be swift and severe. We expect leaders to be paragons of integrity and honesty, their moral code unassailable and beyond reproach. We do not tolerate any infraction of this revered standard – and those who fail to meet it will suffer the consequences.

Honest Elections without Propaganda

Our elections would be based on truth, and we would tolerate nothing that attempts to deceive the voters, including the media’s propaganda. False statements during elections would lead to civil penalties. We would criminally prosecute intentional dishonesty. We would have no tolerance for lies, corruption and untruths.

Every person would have a vote on everything. There would be no Congress. We the people would do the voting.

People will only dare make claims with hard evidence to back them up for society to analyze and assess. Anyone accusing without proof would not be taken seriously by society and if it falls within the slander or liable laws, they would be prosecuted.

Society would no longer tolerate lies. Propaganda and mind manipulation would be illegal.

Changing Society

Can we summon the strength and will to break away from the shackles of this systematic corruption embedded in our society? We must ignite a spark within our hearts and be unrelenting in our pursuit to create a world built on trust, morality, and leaders who are true to their word.

Through profound reform, we can save our world from its tipping point of destruction. We must change the oppressive systems that rule us and infuse them with a new justice model. We do not support any single current politician; instead, we must lead the charge ourselves and create a world governed by unique ideals with new laws and a new way of thinking.

The time has come for us to stand firm in our resistance to this noxious, villainous, and lethal form of government. We will build a new community based on these liberating principles, renouncing this establishment’s corrupt, insidious and deadly mechanisms. We will conduct our elections fairly and justly in our society, allowing truth and freedom to flourish. The average person would have a great chance of being a leader since lobbying, favors, and money for votes would not exist. There would only be a few leaders and minimal government.

Corrupted Health Authorities

They are not health authorities; they are profiteers. If we had control of the world, we would wage a war on fraudulent health organizations. The WHO, CDC and FDA would be stripped raw, their lies and corruption laid bare and exposed. Their deception would no longer go unchecked, and the truth behind healthcare would come roaring back for all to see. We would empower authentic science to undo the web of deceit spun around us.

Health has been reduced to a political game, where every decision is about profits instead of people. We would change the status quo and bring truth and morality to healthcare. So, we would vow to unravel the lies and deception of these corrupt organizations.

Everything the Establishment Tells You About Health, Do the Opposite

The sick-care system is designed for profits, not for people. Find true health leaders; the ones the establishment says are quacks are the real doctors. Alternative medicine heals as allopathic medicine covers symptoms and keeps you coming back to line the pockets of the wealthy. We would promote prevention and alternative healing, the kind that cures diseases. 95% of all diseases are curable.

The Propaganda Phrase “Safe & Effective” Exposed and Replaced

There are no safe and effective medicines. One hundred forty thousand people a year die taking prescription “as prescribed.”  The deceitful words safe and effective would be replaced with accurate words such as low risk, high risk etc…  Informed consent will be law along with mandatory information on alternative holistic alternatives. Funding for studies on Natural Healing will be part of the Federal Budget. Insurance would cover all alternative medicine.

The Medical Journals Would be Uncorrupted

Medical journals would be held to the highest ethical standards, with strict criminal and civil consequences for corruption or deception. The integrity of medical research would always be upheld, and any violations would be taken seriously, prosecuted and publicized. Pharmaceutical entity staff would be held criminally and civilly liable, and jail time would be mandatory if found purposely misleading the public.

Doctors and Pharma Would be Held Accountable

The medical field would be held to the highest standards of ethical accountability, with severe criminal and civil repercussions for any acts of corruption. No one could dispute the imperative of maintaining the integrity of medical research, and any violations would be met with swift and absolute justice.  Raw data must be supplied, and oversight on anything and everything allopathic/pharmaceutical would be scrutinized and open for public investigation and critique.

Gone would be the days when a doctor advocating for vitamin D, backed by hundreds of scientific journal articles, would still face a massive billion-dollar fine. In contrast, a vaccine seller responsible for unfathomable destruction and distress was only fined 2.3 billion dollars, with no one ever seeing the inside of a prison cell. The same vaccine supplier would not go on to make trillions of dollars while wreaking carnage on society as the media covers up the death, disability and destruction of humanity.

We are Not Free Until Our Minds Are Free

We must break away from the chains of outside influences to liberate ourselves and our minds. We must reject the insidious power of mass media propaganda, renounce deceptive pharmaceutical advertisements, and cease being manipulated by those who would have us believe there is only one right way to think. Instead, we should embrace critical thinking and free thought to open our eyes and minds to a world of possibility. Together, we must rebel against the corrupt forces of society that attempt to keep us locked in mental prisons, where true freedom will never be achievable. We must walk away from the Oligarch system designed to oppress the poor and enrich the rich. We will no longer be a cog in the wheel of profits, for we shall destroy the wagon and all its parts.

Should We Create a New Society or Stand and Fight?

This is only the beginning. We could ponder for eternity about freeing ourselves from the prisons of corruption and lies and replacing them with freedoms of truth, justice, and morality. Is it possible to break away and start anew? To free our minds from the shackles of illusion to draw closer to reality? Open discourse, divine contemplation, liberated thought, and expression of ideas.

We must be brave enough to defy the lies and corruption that plague our society and replace them with truth, honesty and integrity. Can we transcend what stands before us and build anew? Shall we move boldly into uncharted territories or stay put and wage war against it from within? May our convictions give birth to open discourse, philosophical debates, free thought and unfettered expression of ideas.

If the government ever fell due to dollarization or any other catastrophic event that took place and small groups with their leadership were formed, this is what our group’s principles would look like in a perfect world.