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Doctrine  & Tenants

The Board of Directors has adopted Bylaws containing the following doctrinal statement. We want to be clear that when we say “to the best of our ability,” this is not an excuse not to follow the tenant or only follow a little bit. We mean when unavoidable. When we have jobs that expose us to toxins and cannot be avoided without changing careers, we say, “to the best of our ability.”

We follow this basic belief system to the best of our ability. We promote free-thinking, critical thinking, and individualism, yet we set forth some basic guidelines in our principles that bring us to Assembly. We encourage thinking for ourselves and coming together as a group; we agree to follow the belief system to our best abilities. We do not require that you abandon your current beliefs. Our Assembly can add to your current views if there is no contradiction. Our doctrine may complement or replace your belief system; that choice is yours.

“To the best of our ability does not mean we use it as an excuse not to do it, but we tell when it is unavoidable because it will harm us or have negative consequences that interfere with our lives.

We don’t tell anyone what they should do; we recommend they allow us to educate them and suggest they consider following our guidelines. We promote the right to choose.

Doctrine & Tenants

  • Higher Power

We believe in a higher power; we refer to it as the Source and believe in a natural ability to connect to the Source. The cleaner the body is from toxins and interference, the stronger our ability to connect to the Source for guidance, intuition, and manifestation. We strongly believe in the mind’s power to heal the body and rely on the mind-body connection for healing. Putting toxins in our body interferes with our innate abilities, with the guidance we receive from the Source and our body’s ability to heal itself. We, therefore, keep our bodies as toxic-free as possible.

  • Body and Mind

Our religion is based on keeping the body and the mind healthy by avoiding toxicity. We believe we are all connected, and Mother Earth is to be cherished along with every one of her species. We protect our health by relying on our forefathers’ medicines and traditions and rejecting chemical profit-based drugs to protect our bodies from toxins.

We believe the mind is a powerful healing tool and use the mind-body connection as a source of healing. We will focus on health and wellbeing to manifest and make it so. We believe in the body’s innate ability to heal itself if we supply it with what it needs and keep out toxicity.

Keeping the body free of toxins promotes the human ability to connect to our innate sixth sense. We connect to Mother Earth through our sixth sense in meditation, and the cleaner our bodies and minds are, the more effective the connection we have. We practice keeping a clear mind and connecting to our natural intuitions.

To the very best of our strengths, we will not put any substance in our bodies or expose our bodies to anything that can cause us or our innate abilities harm. We will limit exposure to chemicals, electromagnetic radiation, pesticides and pharmaceuticals, chicken, meat, dairy and anything that may harm the human body while functioning in a world where we cannot altogether avoid them. We will only allow ourselves to be exposed when unavoidable; again, living in a toxic-based society, we will vow to do the best we can.

  • Uniqueness and Creativity

We strive to be unique and honor those who celebrate and show their individualism. We do not blindly follow and do things because others are doing them. We think for ourselves; we choose what we want to believe or not based on in-depth research, and if it goes against what the establishment tells us to believe, we follow our beliefs and honor our uniqueness. We strive to be creative and utilize creativity in our daily lives. When our bodies are toxins-free, we can channel creativity from the Source.

  • Pesticides

We will eat organically to the best of our ability. We will avoid any products that contain harmful chemicals. We will support the organic industry and choose organic over toxin-filled products when organic products are available. We will stand up against and proactively reduce toxic pesticides poisoning our people and Earth. We will keep our bodies clean from poisonous products to the best of our ability.

  • Pharmaceuticals

We will not put pharmaceutical products in our bodies when a holistic alternative is available. We will practice preventing disease by avoiding unnecessary toxic pharmaceuticals, processed foods, sugars, vaccinations, and any other toxicity wherever possible. We will only take drugs when there is no alternative, and the possibility of severe life-altering effects is likely without the medicines.   We focus on the prevention of disease, not treating symptoms afterward.

  • Medical Testing

We are in charge of our health and make our medical decisions based on our religious beliefs without interference from man. We refuse medical testing for no apparent reason if we lack any symptoms or suspicion of serious ill health. We do not go looking for disease when there is no reason to believe there is one. We aim to remove all pharmaceutical chemicals from the body, promoting health and healing. We reject testing without reasonable suspicion of a health problem to avoid the cycle of sickness by design. If we think we may have a problem, we skip the testing and treat the issue with nutrients, herbs, lifestyle and supplements that are good for the body in the first place, which could heal our ailments and cause us no additional harm. We do not test for a medical issue because a doctor, insurance company, or other person tells us to.

  • Electromagnetic Radiation – Artificial EMFs.

We will limit our exposure and take steps to restrict unnecessary electric magnetic radiation to the best of our ability while functioning in a society that relies heavily on toxic exposure. We will ask for assistance to limit exposure to the best of our ability. We will limit our use of and exposure to cell phones, microwaves, computer terminals, electrical appliances, power lines, hydro-lines, smart meters, 5g technology, and other EMF sources.

We will avoid using apps on our cell phones and require businesses to supply us with our needs without forcing us to use a cellular phone. We will not allow technology to be forced upon us—we are trying to live a simpler, more natural life.

  • We Fight Against Poisoning of People and Earth

We will not purchase or consume anything unnecessary and leave as small of a “footprint” behind. We will be loving caretakers of the Earth, her creatures, and all that is natural to her, including her waters, trees, vegetation, air, dirt, and rocks. We will honor and respect Mother Earth.

We believe in the natural cycles of the Earth’s temperature and will not participate in the climate change rhetoric created for an agenda. We will not allow any political ideology to interfere with the truth, and we will protect our children from this false narrative. We will participate in activities that honor her, such as photography of the beauty of the Earth, gardening, planting trees, or anything deemed beneficial or celebrating our environment.

  • Toxic People

We will not be toxic people nor associate ourselves with toxic people who are not actively working, bettering themselves to be less toxic. They drain our energy and do not practice the promotion of serenity in all that they do. We remove harmful associations to the best of our ability.

  • Holistic medicine is a healing that focuses on the whole person – the body, mind, and spirit.

This practice focuses on alternative therapies. We focus on optimal health through natural prevention and avoid any toxic pharmaceuticals unless they are proven to be life-saving, and we cannot be without them. We believe in the holistic approach to illness, which encompasses safe and appropriate treatment modalities. We believe in focusing on lifestyle, nutrition, and spiritual elements. We think the person should be a part of the research and education process of healing. We stand firm that we are in charge of our health and wellbeing, and we turn to those for advice only to consult us so we can decide how we will proceed in health and wellbeing. They do not dictate how we treat our bodies and minds.

We believe searching for the underlying cause of the illness is the priority. We do not treat symptoms and allow diseases to remain. We focus on curing the illness safely and naturally, including the patient’s innate healing abilities, herbs, supplements, and anything natural, first and foremost.

  • Allopathy

We understand what the allopathic medical industry calls “disease” is often the body’s reaction to deficiency or toxicity, and the symptoms are the response of the self-healing body. The medical model we chose to follow promotes removing toxicity and deficiency from the body and supplying it and our mind with what is needed to help its innate healing abilities.

We do not discourage 100% use of all allopathic medicine. We believe in urgent, emergency, life-saving medication. We think there are some good medicines, but most cause diseases themselves. We do not use them unless it is critical and we are under immediate threat of harm. We use them as an absolute last resort in all cases. We highly educate ourselves and research to gather factual information, and we are the most significant part of our recovery in any ailments we may have.

  • Race

We are a group of people from many different races. All are welcome in our group, and we do not discriminate whatsoever. As a country, we have moved very far forward, and discrimination has been minimalized over the years through all the great leaders and supporters. Until recently, we were in a forward motion toward unity and acceptance. We believe those who speak of race, group us by race and focus on race are the ones who are the racists and intend to divide us. We vow to never look at the color of one’s skin nor partake in any activities discussing one’s race, sex, or skin color. We view each other as our equals. No person ranks higher than another. We understand that one is not better but merely different, which gives them uniqueness. No person is better or deserves anything more than another, but we honor them for being different. We will under no circumstance take part in any racism training.

  • Choices

We do not define to you what emergency medicine is. That is up to the individuals themselves. We do not replace medical treatment; we promote alternatives. It is up to the individual to decide which allopathic treatment they choose to keep as emergency medicine and which they choose to abandon. We encourage all to make the best decision for themselves.

We strongly believe that vaccines and chemotherapy are highly toxic, and we do not promote or endorse them in any way whatsoever, and they should be avoided at all costs.

We encourage you to read and make your own decisions about what is best for your health. Often, your allopathic doctor will not supply you with the information we provide, which shows you the other side of allopathic medications and choices. Everyone should know both sides of the story, be fully educated, and make decisions. If you need to consult your allopathic doctor to research the best choice for you and your family, we encourage you to do so while thoroughly researching the alternatives.

  • Freedom

To safeguard true FREEDOM — as Milton Webster described it, the tranquil enjoyment of one’s life and possessions only touches the surface. Freedom is deeper and more complex than just enjoying life and possessions. It is a concept that goes to the heart of what it means to be human, to have agency and self-determination. In the United States, freedom means the right to speak one’s mind, worship as one chooses, and live in peace and security without fearing persecution or oppression.

It also means the right to pursue one’s dreams, whether in business or personal endeavors, without undue interference from the government or other entities.

Our religion reveres FREEDOM as a fundamental and sacred belief. It is a belief that we hold dear – an idea that nothing and no one can take away from us. Our tenants declare unequivocally that we are endowed with the inalienable right to FREEDOM.

This core value of freedom transcends mere ideology – it is intertwined with our very identity, ingrained in every fiber of our being. Freedom is the very essence of who we are as human beings.

But the right to freedom doesn’t end at our borders – it reverberates across every continent, in every country where human dignity is threatened by oppression and tyranny. We stand committed to the righteousness of freedom for every single human being.

  • Truth Seekers

We will persistently seek TRUTH regardless of the barriers attempting to obscure it. Our opinions are formed through deliberation and research, not from blindly accepting what we are told. We wage war against oppressive manipulation, refusing to be confined by external forces who aim to control us. As independent free thinkers, our minds remain liberated, unbounded by lies and deceit.

DISCLAIMER – READ BEFORE ENTERING: This website is for information purposes only; we are not diagnosing, treating, curing, mitigating, or preventing any disease or medical condition by providing the information contained herein. Before beginning any natural treatment regimen, seek the advice of a licensed healthcare professional.