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We strongly oppose vaccination and support the community in Medical Freedom.

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About Planetism

Planetism focuses on love, unity, serenity and keeping toxicity out of our bodies.  Read our Tenants and Doctrine.

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Our Assembly can be an addition to your current beliefs.

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Planetism Mission

Going back to a more simple way of life, connecting to nature and clearing the body and mind of toxins to promote superior health and intuition.

Mainstream Rhetoric in Full Force

We ponder those who disregard the sanctity of life. We examine the rhetoric of the profiteers who attempt to control the ideology and wonder if society has become so desensitized through mind manipulation that they can condone a massacre of innumerable souls.

How can any man turn away from the Light and submit to unspeakable evil? When lies become truth and darkness conquer the minds of men, how can they not be blinded by the horrors they are perpetrating?

How can we comprehend the mystery that forces some to believe genocide is acceptable, as it was in the past? We must seek answers for why these dark deeds are still too often committed and strive to shine a light on this repeating cycle of terror and stop the propaganda machine from twisting the minds of the masses. May our souls open our eyes to the truth before it’s too late.

May those who think the murder of innocents is acceptable be stirred by the spiritual awareness of holiness and ponder if their conscience has been shrouded in such a manner that they accept the wrongdoings of people without guilt.

May those who cherish every single life in full equality come forward. Let us gather in divine solidarity, opening our hearts and minds to embrace the preciousness of life we all share. May we open our hearts to feelings of unconditional love and acceptance, honor each other’s truth and combat the lies and manipulation instilled by those who wish to spread discord.

Religious Exemption to Vaccination

Do your research and carefully consider the facts about immunization. Come to an informed decision. Those of us who share this faith can have a spiritual exemption from vaccination. We view cleansing our bodies from toxins as an essential part of our belief system; it opens up our intuition and allows us to receive divine direction. Vaccines are seen as opposed to this principle, so they are rejected. Read up on the exemption before making any decisions.


We personally watched the numbers reverse and then stop growing. The numbers are manipulated, and studies show that approximately 1% of all injuries have been reported. Our team of investigations reveals the entire system is compromised. We research and supply you with the truth they don’t want you to know.

We Can Change Society

Our Leaders at Planetism are highly gifted and intuitive, with a direct connection to the divine. Our leaders teach and guide others to foster innate abilities through meditation and removing toxicity from the body and mind. We are family-oriented truth seekers who believe in community. We bring people together where nefarious forces purposely divide.

Our wise elders embrace harmony between humanity and nature. They emphasize the importance of honor and respect for all living things. They ardently believe that the energy we send into the spiritual realm through our actions will be returned and rewarded in kind.

The Collective Conscious

When the collective consciousness reaches critical mass, the people will rise to a glorious crescendo; we can cast away the shadows of oppressive regimes and usher in a new era of light and love. This world of understanding and compassion will allow humans to be free without fear or judgment. It will be a world where every person’s beauty and talents are cherished and accepted by all for who they are. But such a magical transformation won’t happen overnight; it must take place through a concerted effort of the global community.

We seek a world where truth is honored above all else, unyielding integrity guides every action, and honesty is the cornerstone of society.

We strive for a world where media and journalists are fearless warriors against lies, deception, and corruption, taking up the mantle of truthseekers to expose and obliterate any falsehoods that threaten the stability of our society.

We desire a world where truth is a calling, an unquestionable faith that binds us. It is a religion of righteousness that demands purity and invokes passion in pursuing honesty, integrity and freedom.

Is it possible to disassemble corruption and bring back truth, health and freedom?



A Call to Action to Save Humanity

Watch The Highwire interview with Del Big Tree, a fearless crusader and leader in truth in journalism. Listen closely as Dr. Meryl Nass warns of the dire consequences of approving the oppressive treaty.

Human rights will be overridden; dissenters will be silenced through censorship per the agreement, enforcement through digital passports and more.

Our spiritual convictions do not align with several of these policies.  We have a duty to stand up against those who trample on civil liberties and fight for justice without violence. It is paramount that we stick to our beliefs and uphold our constitutional rights.

The damning documentary Silent Epidemic, directed by the award-winning Gary Null, exposes the facts hidden from us for too long. Vaccines may appear to be a miracle of modern science, but what is the real cost? Conventional medicine claims that vaccines are safe and effective, yet today, developed countries like the US are witnessing an explosion in childhood illnesses, including neuro-developmental disorders, diabetes, asthma, allergies and auto-immune diseases. At the same time, children are being injected with more vaccinations than ever before.

What dangerous secrets lie behind the seemingly harmless syringe of a vaccine? It is no longer praised as a solution to global pandemics but rather has become a source of terror, damaging countless people and their families. Viewers will be plunged into the murky depths of the primitive technology used to make these vaccines, discovering their life-threatening ingredients and the horrifying truth that Federal Health Agencies are desperately trying to keep hidden. For those who foolishly thought of vaccines as their savior, ‘Silent Epidemic’ will surely shock them awake to its reality.

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WE HAVE TRUTH ON OUR SIDE. The propaganda machine is complex at work. In the end, truth always wins. We believe in honesty and integrity and highly frown upon psyops created to manipulate humanity.

There is an overwhelming amount of scientific evidence that asserts that you should not put a mask on your child or vaccinate them under any circumstances. Yet, the corporate machine continues to press for it, claiming it’s in your best interest. But don’t be fooled! We have the hard proof to show the hidden truth they are desperately trying to keep from you. We come with no agenda but to serve you — while they stand to gain trillions from their lies.

Don’t be taken advantage of; get the facts today. Read all of our articles, and please help us to educate society.


In the land of freedom, we can express our faith without fear.


Religious freedom is a divine privilege given to humanity, shielding us from the forces of oppression and bigotry. It allows us to speak our truth in this world without fear, worship as we please, and act out our faith according to our values. This gift from beyond given to every human being ensures our right to be ourselves without compromise at school, work or leisure. Religious freedom is sacred, for it provides us with the strength to defy the power of hatred.

Religious freedom guarantees us our right to preserve our core values and beliefs, even if society or government does not accept them.


Nature says we were born free and will stay free. We believe we have the right to perfect our bodies without restrictions. We have authority over our physical forms, and no one can deny us that autonomy.